Transformer Tests


Routine tests are applied to all transformers through with manufacturing. Type tests and special tests are however conducted upon the client’s request and depending on agreements.


  • Conversion ratio measurement and connection group determination,
  • Measurement of winding resistances,
  • Applied-voltage test,
  • Induced-voltage test,
  • Measurement of no load loss and current,
  • Measurement of load loss and impedance voltage,
  • Insulation resistance measurement,
  • Core and body insulation checking test,
  • Leakage test.



  • Temperature rise test,
  • Lightning impulse voltage test,
  • Measurement of audible noise level,
  • Mechanical strength test against short circuits.



  • Capacity and insulation loss factor measurement (Double test),
  • Insulation resistance measurement (Megger test),
  • Transformer oil dielectric puncture strength measurement,
  • Measurement of harmonics (No load current),
  • Partial discharge test,
  • Zero component impedance measurement.


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