Transformers with an Expansion Tank:




A transformer with an oil expansion tank is exposed to atmosphere and provides exchange of air through an air dryer (silica gel) container that prevents the moisture in air from passing into the transformer oil. The size of an expansion tank varies in proportion to the transformer power and size.


Hermetic type Transformers:



Differently than with transformers with an oil expansion tank, hermetic transformers are completely sealed from the atmosphere (exterior milieu). In a hermetic transformer, the tank inside pressure building up due to oil expansion is counteracted by a flexible corrugated sheet metal sized as a result of calculations. In hermetic transformers, oil is filled at +20°C and sealed from atmospher.


Special Type Transformers:


Special transformers are manufactured for special areas of use in line with the client’s requirements and requests except standard powers and voltages. Examples include grounding transformers, autotransformers, etc.


On Load Tap-Changer Transformers:


They are transformers capable of tap-changing under voltage and load, and power transformers are manufactured with this capability. With a system controlled by voltage regulators, the output voltage can be controlled manually or automatically to the required accuracy.


Cable-Box Transformers:



Depending on the client’s requests and specifications, transformers can be equipped with a cable box that provides protection against probable touches on areas under voltage (LV and HV terminals). Cable boxes can be designed so as to cover LV terminal or HV terminal or both LV and HV terminals.


Plug-in Bushing Transformers:



At the HV side of transformers, generally plug-in bushings manufactured from epoxy resin are used with a matched cable cap, instead of exposed porcelain insulators. Plug-in bushings are rather used for indoor transformers.